Inca Trail: the road to Machu Picchu, a guide to millennia of history

A complex and historical place that runs more than 39 km in its extension; a road that houses a lot of enigmas that passed through the hands of its builders, the Incas; and it has been a long time since this route was a settlement to guide the enchanted city, and its legacy in time still prevails

With varied climates, from temperate, rainy and dry that are attached to different times of the year, make this place a wonderful choice when it comes to relax and have fun, where beautiful landscapes, wildlife, flora and fauna are mixed. Unique experiences that enrich the colorful green of the mountains

They are around 39.6 km of route, that extend their duration until three to four days to move from the town of Qorihuayrachina, in the kilometer 88 of the railroad of Quillabamba – Cuzco

It should be noted that it crosses several ecosystems and altitudes as exploration progresses, reaching up to 4,200 m.s.n.m in a strenuous but healthy and fun walk through the lush valleys that form around the road.

In addition to incredible landscapes, these are accompanied by exclusive fauna and flora. One of the species most appreciated by tourists and that is in danger of extinction, the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus),  we can also find hummingbirds, wild cats, cougars and even snakes.

On the side of the flora we will find immense forests that are usually composed of large trees such as cedar or laurel; reaching more than 90 species of orchids and other species such as: Ocotea, Clusia, Cedropia, Cinchena Pedocarpus, Guarea, Weinmania.

To further immerse ourselves in the Inca culture, human settlements are evident along the way, describing 18 archaeological complexes, among are: walls and altars, dwellings,  agricultural terraces, irrigation channels

This is how it is drawn a magical place as it is the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, which, while it can be a very tired activity,it  has its rewards and  the welcome to the city of the Incas could not be better, but by the Inti Punko or the entrance of the Sun.

To this adventure you can add many other things  that you can see during  the journey of your visit, but certainly there is no better experience than a walk through nature, discovering new things that inhabited our land many years ago and filled our lives with experiences unique and unforgettable as it is Inca Trail towards Machu Picchu.

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