Protecting Pachamama

Kawsaypaq means “for life!” in Quechua


Kawsaypaq is an environmentally friendly business with a deep commitment to saving water, energy and reducing solid waste. We promote ancestral values and practices that take environmental consciousness to the heart, based on respect, reciprocity and the understanding that everything is alive, interrelated and interdependent.

We have an Environmental Program that identifies our impacts with objectives, measures and indicators. We are affiliated with the ReCusco Program to reduce reuse and recycle. We select our solid waste to facilitate reuse and recycling, and our organic waste goes to the Kusi Ñan Farm compost. Our Cultural Identity Program further supports these efforts, as Andean values promote the respect of and reciprocity with Pachamama as a living being with rights, not as a resource to exploit.

In honor of our sacred natural resources, please reduce use of water and energy and avoid using plastic as much as possible. Together we can reduce our negative impact on the environment and care for Pachamama.

urpillay sonqollay
gracias ~ thank you