A new way to get to know and connect with the peruvian culture through Peru Cultural Journyes

The culture of Peru has more than 10,000 years of history that attracts millions of tourists every year, and Pisac is one of the busiest areas in connection with the ruins of Machu Picchu, where in conjunction with the communities a family business provides a unique experience in the sector.

Pisac is a town that extends in two areas well shaped, as it is the former that is located in the highest parts which is a Inca archaeological site; and the current zone which is located in the valley that has its origin in the colonial era. In the village you can find several communities of the people, who have lived there for a long time, so it is to this with some 5,000 years of history of its own.

View of the Sacred Valley, adorned by towering mountains and wonderful landscapes

The structures of the place are quite striking because still the social stratum of the ancient civilizations with beautiful landscapes, mountains and most of all many antique designs that have a lot to tell.

Peru Cultural Journeys is a family company formed by two owners that have given life to the true nature of experience a tour as such, attached to the tradition of the communities living in the site have developed this great company that promotes the conservation of the roots of our customs.

The founders are a family committed to the culture and the value of this

With more than 18 years of experience in the tourism market and since its inception has always been focused on preserving the natural resources that surround us, that is to say, applying the term of sustainability in their daily practices. It is for this reason that the communities have identified the initiative of this project and have joined together to contribute with their ideas; it is as well as the tours to experience the daily lives of these people.

One of the communities with greater interaction with the company and the Amaru, same that have been dedicated for generations to the textile art that has been characterized by this activity, and are experts in the use of ancient ancestral techniques as is the use of the stars.

The activities of Peru Cultural journeys are based on a holistic approach mixed with the astronomy, geometry, the geodesic, engineering, hydraulics, mythology, history, politics, artistic expressions, rituals, music, dance and spirituality. The trips are exclusive and private to allow a better passenger experience, it is a distinguishing feature of the other companies, we are always looking for quality not quantity.

Peru Cultural Journeys teach the true customs of ancestor communities, with a unique way of combining science and native guides

Immerse yourself in this privileged group of tourists and relive the culture in a special manner that will change your life and how you perceive the other lives forever, join in one of our amazing tours:

Celebrating the family

A special form of tradition, gastronomy and the most beautiful landscapes in a package that fits and gives you the security of enjoy the best for your whole family.

Experience the family tour through the ancient Inca villages

Peruvian Cuisine

Celebrate the cuisine of Peru through the most exquisite flavors and smells that we have just for your delight.

The rich and diverse Peruvian cuisine is one of the most appreciated in the world


To know where we come to the study of the stars and constellations now you can also discover our fascinating journey.

The ancient communities used the stars as a cultivation technique

Exploration of weaves

One of the only communities that prevail as weavers and they offer us the opportunity to learn about their culture and customs.

The Amaru communities are one of the few that maintain their tradition over the years

Golden Andes

Observe the most historical works and constructions that have remained and tell us about their implementation.

In the Sacred Valley of the Incas you can appreciate a culture with more than 5000 years of history

Student Travel

The best way to know the value of the history and educate interactively with routes ranging from Machu Picchu, to the ruins of the Sacred Valley, In addition, the participation of young people in community projects that will help your knowledge and understanding

The tours for students are a very entertaining way to learn about the culture of the country


Explore the sacred and traditional music from a different perspective through the beautiful language of the melodies and instruments used by the people of the village.

Music is a way of expressing the different states in which the earth is located

Sacred places of yoga

A contribution that no doubt will clear your mind and body in the sacred valley surrounded by beautiful landscapes that will transport you to another dimension, in addition, that you’ll be helping the preservation of culture.

A good way to do yoga is in the wonderful landscapes offered by the Sacred Valley

This is only the beginning toward what may be for you a genuine adventure, where you will learn everything you need to know about Peru and on Pisac, with native guides that will provide you with all their knowledge in different languages for a better understanding. A family business that provides you with only the best of if: Peru Cultural journeys and identity of different trip, Cuchara de Palo and its gourmet meal celebrating the peruvian cuisine, Pisac Inn and its cozy hotel with excellent service and Unucha Spa and its therapies, massages and sauna that you get rid of all the mental and physical stress.

What are you waiting for? Dareyourself! And live the tradition as never before, it’s time to get to know our customs and that you fall in love with our landscapes, gastronomy and, above all, our culture.


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