Unucha Spa: much more than a place of relaxation; tradition, charm and pure experience with nature

The best therapies and treatments for the body are in a magical place, that is one of the services  offered by Pisac Inn, in the town of Pisac, with an expert in the art of relaxation that provides a quality service.

Unucha Spa
Front view of Unucha Spa in Pisac

A spa which began as a place for the enjoyment of the family, small, but very cozy from entrance to massage rooms, where you can clearly see the detail that have been given to this wonderful space so it can be given a natural and unique touch.

The owners, in the beginning, had the idea to give this space a  personal use, ended up being a very good opportunity for passengers arriving to the boutique hotel Pisac Inn,  where it also have a gourmet restaurant “Cuchara de Palo” and a tour operator  “Peru Cultural Journeys” which is characterized by its guided visits to the communities of Amaru and some other cultural exchange visits.

Unucha Spa
Massage therapy at Unucha spa facilities

The professional who attends the spa has conducted several courses abroad, learning several traditional techniques such as shiatsu, well known in the Japanese culture, where it has its origin, in addition, her vast knowledge of species of selected herbs for the baths and body therapies that will lead you to take all the stress of the body and significantly improve the mood.

In this place we will find the culture impregnated in the walls, each stone contains a special form that can tell us a lot of the ancestral tradition, the jacuzzi built using traditional methods, the spaces to sit back and observe the imposing mountains that are in front, are without doubt one of the most spectacular things that may be experienced.

 Unucha's Jacuzzi
Herbal baths prepared by the expert in the best techniques of relaxation

Aromatic baths are served with selected herbs, body massage, sauna with hot volcanic rocks and exfoliation therapy; the duration of these varies and their treatment is completely personalized with a maximum number of 2 people in the booth, which guarantees total enjoyment during your stay.

Unucha spa
Sauna Therapy with Volcanic Rocks

It is the best way to begin or end while our holidays, with a treatment as we all deserve and what better way than travelling to learn about other cultures, traditions, customs, and spending a quiet moment in Unucha Spa.

Map of Unucha spa
Location of Unucha spa in the town of Pisac


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