Pisac Inn and their community projects improving the quality of life in Pisac

For more than 19 years the owners of a boutique hotel in Pisac have worked in several community projects in conjunction with the people of the area that, over the years, have increased the opportunities of life in the city.

Kusi Kawsay School
Logotipo at the entrance of the Kusi Kawsay School

The traditional hotel Pisac Inn, property of the visionary entrepreneurs Fielding and Roman, is part of the projects that have collaborated to the wellbeing of everyone in the area and its surroundings. Since its inception, more than 19 years ago when they decided to take the challenge of raising what is today one of the best formed and recognized hotel boutique, connected in a intimate way to their ideals; highlights its excellent treatment and quality of service, impeccability in their rooms, cultural wealth in the interior and exterior of this amazing place. Its exquisite gourmet meal, one of only three in the Sacred Valley, with exclusive organic ingredients, delivered in each dish and of course the best flavor in its gastronomy, it is Cuchara de Palo restaurant.

Only 5 minutes from Pisac Inn, a special and magical place with personalized service for each guest, it is Unucha Spa which features advanced and unique techniques that provide a moment of liberation and relaxation as never before. Complementing your stay in Pisac, there is  Peru Cultural Journeys, a tour operator that focuses not only in the experience, but that goes beyond the emotional, visual, of what can be perceived, its sole purpose is to give to the tourist what no other tour can be achieved, and that is, connecting with the Peruvian culture.

These are a grouping of services that make up the company Kawsaypaq, and they are the point of support for two other projects of crucial importance for the local community.

Kusi Kawsay is a school located a few minutes from Pisac Inn; at the entry is easy to see the letters and a drawing of a hummingbird as it symbol that represents the philosophy in which have their basis for teaching, it identifies the institute. Enroll children of nearby communities that have the commitment to take the knowledge that the world can provide.

Kusi Kawsay School
Kusi Kawsay classrooms where lessons are held

Waldorf education is the methodology used which also combines the traditional subjects with a unique approach to recognition of one’s own identity and the cultural value; this philosophy is not only a method that teaches children to grow intellectually, but also spiritually. Already has several teachers who not only have the ability to teach, but they have a inner development that extends to students increasing their potential to be able to handle the problems of the future.

Kusi Kawsay art
Designs of several paintings made by students of Kusi Kawsay

The school wants to break the patterns of traditional teaching in which imprisons the free growth of children’s thinking, conceiving slaves to work in places where they cannot exploit 100% their capabilities and only get used to follow orders; were the words mentioned by Roman when pointing out the philosophy of the conventional education.

Kusi Kawsay offering to Pachamama
Offering made by children of the School in honor to the Pachamama during summer time with different type of grains

This School work has cost to the community and Kawsaypaq for several years where they have been combating the ideals of traditional education and have managed to build a school  where their children can be taught the importance of learning numbers, letters, science combined with their routine life, culture, believes and the importance of being unique beings designed to achieve our purposes without ever forgetting our roots. From the kindergarten to the grade school traditional songs to Mother Earth are sang for what she gives us, celebrate with her and through her; then encourage the creativity, art and the exploration of the depths of the human brain on each child.

The other project is Kusi Nan, which plays an important role as a contribution of knowledge, since it teaches the cultivation of organic food that we consume for our benefit. There are young people who learn the techniques of planting in their various processes that lead to obtain the correct healthy, nutritious and quality product; children from the school are included here, having their own plot where they learn and practice the methods of planting.

Pachamma´s Path
Experience Kusi Nan in crops with young people of the communities of Pisac

All these networks of projects benefit from each other with direct and indirect financing from parent’s support, the income of the productive community business, and of the collaboration of tourists who visit the places and are interested in the work that is being carried out.

There may be several reasons to visit Peru, but there is no doubt that takes a pleasant memory living the culture and how it is transmitted through the experiences is a visit well worth to do it and soak up of this wonderful community that has a lot to offer through Kawsaypaq.


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